As the government begins to relax restrictions on meeting in groups, they have opened up weddings and I have been receiving many phone calls and emails about ordering cakes and scheduling consults. It might seem like the switch has been flipped for business to resume as normal for most, however, Tiers of Sugar is a home based business and I still have a lot to navigate through before flipping the "Closed" sign to "Open for Business". Here are a few things I've decided to put into place.

  • Due to the nature of Covid I will not be allowing clients inside my home for consultations or cake pickups. I will communicate with each client about cake pickup instructions.
  • Some ingredients are still hard to come by or their availability fluctuates on a daily basis, therefore each possible new order will be accessed and priced based on the current availability to acquire said ingredients. Specialty items & Macarons have been removed from the menu at this time.
  • The rules and guidelines change in an almost fluid like nature, as a result I am not currently accepting or booking consultations for 2021 weddings. If you're wedding is already on the books don't worry, it will go on as scheduled. Any government guideline changes will be communicated with each client personally. 

Please check back often as changes will be made to comply with government regulations!

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COVID Updates